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Good evening /day /morning et al!

Best Steam punk band in the uk? Well  a sceptic might blame SEO for that little bombshell!! but since you’re here… I found the queerest letter today… It’s been weeks since I laid eyes on Ms De Silva and to be frank I was getting a touch concerned… It read…



Dear Friend,

If you have found this letter then the following facts are true. You are in terrible danger and I did not die in vain.  Naturally these statements will conjure a flurry of questions in your mind and I will do my best to answer as many as I can.


I first became aware of The Dark Design in 1882 whilst working as an astronomer at the Greenwich Observatory. Of course back then I had no name for the source of the mysterious signals that seemed to be emanating from the outer rim of the Solar System, but within a day of deciphering the first message my troubles began.


There is too much to say here so forgive me if I skirt the details, but It was over a hundred years later in not only a new century, but indeed a new millennium where I would first set eyes on Mr Othniel Cope, vagabond and one time fictitious leader of the Secret Society and musical troupe I have come to know as The Dark Design.  


It became clear shortly after our first meeting that Mr Cope himself was not the cause of the anxiety and apprehension I felt during each rendezvous…  Indeed I found Mr Cope an amiable and capable host and his erstwhile crew hold him in high regard for the most part. But I sense a steeper slope to his stories and I couldn’t escape the fact he was hiding something, and something astonishing.


Oh brutal triumph, I was correct, but my accuracy brings me no solace for now that I finally understand the nature of those pursuing Mr Cope I realise that I too am in their sights. From what I have seen of their powers and methods, I can only pray for a quick death.


Mr Cope offered me protection, indeed he thrust it upon me and for all my foolish pride I resisted.  I mean what chance do a Thaumatage, a card shark, a voodoo priest, a subsonicist, a pirate queen, a time spy, an automaton engineer and a scientist have against the Devil of all Hells. The being who presides over the Hell of Hell where after the eternity even the likes of Lucifer, Khali and Sett will one day be sent for judgement?


How in existence Cope got tangled up with such a monster is the square route of the Dark Design…




Nothings perfect, a few days on the Telescopes at Greenwich and I could tell you that. Orbits shift Gravities fail and things that were as clear as the nose on my face a moment ago, just plain aren’t there a few hours later. When Dr Cartwright, my mentor and long term family friend told me time was flawed too, I had no problems in believing him, although believing and conceiving are two different strokes indeed.


Now the problems with paradoxes are fundamental. They are quite simply infinite or then again maybe they aren’t. Just to be safe I can confidently say that there is a paradox out there where paradoxes are infinite and another where they aren’t, confused? Well hold on to your braces because I’ve only just started.   In another corner of a seldom tread paradox there is no doubt another  Daphne De Silva who is blissfully unaware of Mr Othniel Cope , The Dark design and all the shenanigans that accompany them and whilst she may live a long and content life, would this Daphne De Silva trade places with her? Not on your nelly and not for all the rings of Saturn and you simply have so see them close up. The feel of the coarse shingle between your toes as one takes a moonlight stroll along them is just one of the reasons I wouldn’t change a thing, not that you can of course. I mean traversing time is one thing, changing it well that’s impossible. That said, if I‘ve learned anything from my time with The Dark Design I have learned that doing impossible things is Mr Cope specialty.


Now, as I said, you have clearly become aware of The Dark Design and therefore I should warn you that you strange events may follow. Should you begin to see shadowy figures on the periphery then fear not for the Dark Design will be with you, you can contact the notorious Mr Othniel Cope


And don’t worry about me, I’ve been through some tumbles in my life and being dead is the least of them.


I will write more when I can.


Meanwhile be safe…

Kind regards,


Daphne De Silva

Well it was nice of her to write and I’m glad she’s alright, if a little dead… We’re heading to Earth soon and by soon I mean now and by heading to,  I mean we have arrived…. Interstellar time travel plays some tricks on you and I’m still suffering the side effects, the side effects, the side.. ok I’ll stop now….And the first thing I intend to do after a nice glass of gin is to locate Ms De Silva. I believe she had a sister arround these parts so I shall begin my search there…

Oh and welcome to the Log of The Dark Design and since you were fortunate/clever enough to find it… Let me be the first the explain what it is…

The Dark Design is the name of a secret society dedicated to cheating death, time, fate and ultimately pure evil. It is also the name of our star class time steamer and our musical troupe. Now for the good and bad news…

Firstly the good news… As you have discovered this secret you have unwittingly become part of The Dark Design and from here on in your life may become a bit more complicated and perhaps a little bit more fun…

Now the bad news… We are totally out of tonic water…

Be seeing you,

Othniel Cope


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