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Mr Mason’s Patented Spiritual Oscillator


The astute and swift among you will already have noticed the fact that The Dark Design use a wide array of specially made machines and instruments… Some like the Tubitar are Bastards of Science, the unholy offspring of musical gene splicing…

However, the strangely beautiful Spiritual Oscillator is a great deal more engineered and complex… Experienced soniscists amongst you will already have noted the giest nodes where the disembodied spirits are kept and manipulated…

Of course those amongst The Dark Design who use the instrument are aware of the controversy surrounding its inception, and whilst there are those in civilised society who would see it banned from most of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. We have seen no evidence that the machine truly tortures the dead. Indeed we believe the hauntingly beautiful sounds that it creates in the hands of a competent player can only be proof of the opposite… Why would a spirit sing so prettily if it were in distress?

Spirit Guns on the other hand…





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