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Who’s Coup?

If you are following the blog or the band or indeed both then you’ll know The Dark Design is as much about the story as the music….

So then to the players…

All this week we shall be revealing a little about each of the members and offering some clues as to who they are and what their purpose in The Dark Design is…

Today we begin with a most vital character and perhaps a contender for the most important…

Professor Simpkin Nobel


I first met Professor Simpkin Nobel in an alternative Stockholm and I knew there was something otherworldly about the man. After a few hands of cards, brandy,  some delicate questioning, and a sneaky look through Tink’s  tin eye and I was able to discern a little of the man.

His is a tale that will take time to tell. I can’t explain everything, but I can tell you that he is the sole surviving nominee of the notorious Nobel Peace Prize War and the only man in history to have successfully altered time…

His story is a difficult one to tell, as it hasn’t happened yet, and indeed it may never get a chance to happen. It’s partly from him, it’s partly from me, it’s past tense, but hasn’t happened yet and there are definitely bits missing/ made up… It took a full bottle of Brandy, but this is what he told me

“In the year 2210 The world’s scientific community came together for the first time ever and under the banner of the Nobel Peace Prize. We began a joint project to unite the human race in one single purpose…. The creation of a Time Machine…

On June 22nd 2210 during its first manned trial, the machine travelled forward in time two years. I was the pilot. To this day I can’t really explain what I saw or what I learned from that brief journey, I was only away for a few minutes. When I returned from the first ever journey in time I was terrified and quite literally unable to speak. A fellow scientist handed me an I-pen and before you can say Armageddon I had written something. It took me a moment to register that I had moved at all, but then I looked down and read…

“Hell On Earth!”

We’d destroyed our world. Through our best intentions and our hardest work we’d ruined the planet. It was the paradoxes. I think that’s why I couldn’t focus on any of it. We’d built a time machine and over the next few years we’d gone back and changed everything that was wrong.

We’d begun nobly, we saved species from extinction, overturned famines and averted disasters, but then we got sentimental and even vain; we’d spared great artists and even cultures.  Soon we became judgemental, we demonised historical figures and executed en masse, we reversed the outcomes of wars and even started some of our own.  Finally we got just plain greedy…  We stole land and mineral deposits, changed governments and all for a quick buck. I was only there for a second but I knew what I had to do. While they let me relax on a day bed n the lab I formulated my plan.

They wouldn’t listen, these were men and women of science they were just far too bloody clever for that. So while they analysed the data, I did what any sane person would have done, I built a bomb. The project was so secure that the research centre at CERN contained not only the machine, but all the research material.

Building the device was easy, the time machine was so blindly important that the facility wanted for nothing. It took me two hours to kill my colleagues and save the the world.

I am a thief and murderer Mr Cope, I executed 200 of the best minds in history. I stole their blasted machine and in doing so I saved the world… or at least saved it for a while. They will remake this machine Mr Cope and when they do they will do the same thing… If we have learned anything about human nature it’s that it’s resilient.”

Picture credit Anthony Edwards 2012


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