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At The Bass Of Things

As we continue our introductions it is time for you to meet the engine room of The Dark Design…

May I introduce Mr Herashibold Endeavour


This expert in military subsonics who studied wave manipulation at Twaites Military Academy  is trapped in a state of flux between two dimensions thus never being entirely corporeal in either… In your universe I discovered him busking in Paris, whilst in his own he is a leading exponent of weapon based low frequency harmonics… In short a sonic sword smith like no other and he plays a mean bass and let’s not forget those amazing vocals.

One of the earliest recruits to The Dark Design, Herashibold is fundamental to the very cause and therefore arguably one of the most important and influential members of the team.

Photo Credit Anthony Edwards


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Here? really? No I think not! there are eyes everywhere and not all of them are pretty like yours...

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