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The Queen is dead! Long live the Queen!

More fuel for the fire!


I am affraid I must keep Ms Drusicilla Desilva’s story to my chest, as there are those around who would pay well for her secret and there are a lot of hungry eyes out there in the ultrarnet.

I will say this though, the circumstances surrounding her sister Julia’s death are most peculiar and I have sworn to investigate the matter thouroughly…You will no doubt have found her sister’s letter at the foot of this blog and if you have I’m sure you’ll have reached the same conclussion as I.

That said I can say that Drucilla plays the sax like a angel and sings like a demon!

I’m sure there are some more clues hidden in the lyrics of her solo number with The Dark Design – The Wages of Sin… If only I could decypher their meaning…


Picture credit of Drucilla Desilva Anthony Edwards


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