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Live at Professor Elemental’s I’m British Video Shoot


Sneak peak at the professor’s “I’m British” video shoot

The tents are going up and the impressive crowd is beginning to assemble.

Dr Chrono, Othniel Cope and Pixibet were on hand to help the Professor with his latest research project… A Video Recording… Yes its true! the ambitious Prof believes he can actually take some sort of visual record of a genuine Village fete and somehow turn this Recording into something called a pop video!?!

Well he might be mad, but we owe him a giant  favour over the incident on Mars and who knows he might even be able to pull off this feat of scientific magic and to think they’d have burned him at the stake two hundred years ago for the very idea…infact they’d probably have burned him at the stake 50 years ago if they could get away with it, infact rumour has it that only last week he burned his own steak.

It’s punny cause it’s true!

See above posts for more pics and videos when we can figure them out!

A sneaksy peek from the Professor with cameos from Adrian (bloomington Smyth) and Andy Heintz (from The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing)


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