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We’ve been looking forward to this one forever…

The Dark Design face their greatest challenge to date an Epic Hometown show versus the might of The Men That Will Not be Blamed For Nothing… Arguably one of the most important bands in the Steampunk movement and masters of the stage… The Men That Will Not be blamed For Nothing leave their Whitechapel Stronghold and head south to the fishing village of Brighton where they will be met by the 7 piece rock opera The Dark Design… Who will truimph? Well Obviously both of us, but oh what a battle!…

Ladies and Genlteman please get your tickets now for the most ancitpated show in the South East….


Willl we finally get the chance to use both the harps? Will the Thngamin be ready at last? Will the Tubitar stay in tune for one entire song? Will gordon Vader be able to sneak his trumpet onto the stage? These questions and some stupid ones will be answered tonight!


Will you be able to say you were there?



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Here? really? No I think not! there are eyes everywhere and not all of them are pretty like yours...

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