What the bloody hell is going on?

So you’ve found us… Which makes you one of us…

We’re on a  Mission but it’s not just any mission, it’s not for king or for country not even for God… No this mission is the Ultra Mission. In the End we’ll save the world,  kill the baddie and get the girl or… maybe kill the girl, save the baddie and get the world? or maybe we’ll just destroy everything and  restart space and time with cats at the helm!

Whatever we do, we’ll do it in glorious Technicolor and to our superb soundtrack in short we are Life and Death the musical and we hate musicals….

You are already with us, so come onboard and pour your self a drink… things are going to get frisky any time now…

Your Friend.

Othniel Cope


The Dark Design is… in a nutshell a vast creative project that spans media and Time and musical genres  to create what can best be described as part rock opera, part cult, and part alternative history… It is a huge collaborative project which already has a great deal of exciting mash ups waiting to pounce… We canlt tell you everything yet but the faster you join us the more you’ll know…


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