Moonstage at over the moon

Looking forward to over the moon festival. ..
Carnival collective smahing it on the moonstage



More History


We’ve been looking forward to this one forever…

The Dark Design face their greatest challenge to date an Epic Hometown show versus the might of The Men That Will Not be Blamed For Nothing… Arguably one of the most important bands in the Steampunk movement and masters of the stage… The Men That Will Not be blamed For Nothing leave their Whitechapel Stronghold and head south to the fishing village of Brighton where they will be met by the 7 piece rock opera The Dark Design… Who will truimph? Well Obviously both of us, but oh what a battle!…

Ladies and Genlteman please get your tickets now for the most ancitpated show in the South East….


Willl we finally get the chance to use both the harps? Will the Thngamin be ready at last? Will the Tubitar stay in tune for one entire song? Will gordon Vader be able to sneak his trumpet onto the stage? These questions and some stupid ones will be answered tonight!


Will you be able to say you were there?


Honour Mission

Sage advice and birthday frolics from the glamazon burlesque superkitten

I’d like to say that Mr Cope is neither very short nor standing in a deep hole, rather that Miss Mission is actually a hundred feet tall…(or at least fifty!)

There was a video too but we’re having technical issues…

And in case you though tI was joking about the height…




More madness from the professor’s video shoot


Eccentric? Moi?


There’s nothing mental about dressing up as an owl… I went to my school prom dressed as an owl and it was a hoot.


We were just too British to queue for the lavatories in any kind of proper fashion…

this  video is going to be great

More news from the aether


Lovely folks at the cake stall…

If you look at this picture and then look away again  and then look at it quickly again and repeat the process for ten seconds you’ll probably get quite dizzy…

If you look really carefully behind the handsome man in the top hat, you’ll see something that has never been caught on camera before…. A Blue Sky over an English Summer Fete…
We consulted The oracle and were informed that this was a good omen for the video… and that we could get flights to Las Palma for £39 (if you are old enough to understand this gag… then welcome friend, take your shoes off and we’ll put the kettle on… )

Live at Professor Elemental’s I’m British Video Shoot


Sneak peak at the professor’s “I’m British” video shoot

The tents are going up and the impressive crowd is beginning to assemble.

Dr Chrono, Othniel Cope and Pixibet were on hand to help the Professor with his latest research project… A Video Recording… Yes its true! the ambitious Prof believes he can actually take some sort of visual record of a genuine Village fete and somehow turn this Recording into something called a pop video!?!

Well he might be mad, but we owe him a giant  favour over the incident on Mars and who knows he might even be able to pull off this feat of scientific magic and to think they’d have burned him at the stake two hundred years ago for the very idea…infact they’d probably have burned him at the stake 50 years ago if they could get away with it, infact rumour has it that only last week he burned his own steak.

It’s punny cause it’s true!

See above posts for more pics and videos when we can figure them out!

A sneaksy peek from the Professor with cameos from Adrian (bloomington Smyth) and Andy Heintz (from The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing)

And so to Mr Cope

Well then,

We’ve had a chuckle on the way, but all roads must lead to Rome and there can only be one Ceasar!

His Story Begins Here…

The Truth Lies In Lye Street

But since this little edition is curently changing hands for £100’s you can also find him here…

The Truth Lies in Lye Street

And we hope that the story kindles a  little flame…

But remember while the tale begins in Lye Street the action happens here in our world…

Ladies and Genltemen May I present Mr Othniel Cope… Leader of The Dark Design…

Posing for posperity

No its a gun!

and now that the crew is assembled…

Well we’ll tell you as soon as we can…

Meanwhile please follow this blog for updates…

And have a look at the Facebook for live dates…

An unusual turn round a dark corner takes you unexpectedly to a junction….

Unfortunatly no one can be told what the Cassanova Crowley is… You have to see it for yourself! Remember, I am only offering you the truth … Good, now take the red pill and chill, this won’t hurt a bit…Image

Take a deep breath… good, now relax… This is a journey like no other….

Your mind is not your own.. Why am I even looking for Droids? Who is number one?  I am not an animal! If you’re here then who’s holding the rope?

  • There is nothing wrong with your television. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.


This is not a test… You are under the Influence of Mr Cassanova Crowley…If you are a girl you may already be pregnant… if you are already pregnant then you may be a girl…

Nothing is what it seems and nowhere is safe from the mental powers of Mr Crowley (particularly if you are a girl)…

You think you’ve seen it all then!




You’re helpless…and you’ve never been happier… Do you know where your girlfriend is right now? or your mother? The man that you can see on the Periphery, he’s your best friend, he’s the Duke, he’s A-number-one, he’s the Dude or El Dudeness, or Betty when you call him you can call him Al…

On odd days he plays the ukulele, tells stories with The Dark Design, and gets the girl…On even days he saves the world, kills the bald guy, and gets the girl…On the days in between, he tells stories to the world, kills the Ukulele, and gets the girl… (you’ll note… he always gets the girl…)

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have just had sex with Mr Cassanova Crowley and life from here on in will never feel quite the same…

He is adventure and if he had a middle name, it would be so dangerous that the very mention of it could destroy the universe in a technocolour explosion of gin,movie stars,fast cars, and obscene French lingerie… Image

So there you have it… Mr Cassanova Crowley has just blown your mind!!! And be thankful that’s all he blew…

And since you asked… yes!

Photo credit for Mr Cassanova Crowley by Anthony Edwards