steam punk ventriloquist puppet master

May 20th

Despite my best efforts I am having trouble escaping the feeling that my plans are not entirely my own. It’s almost as if I am being steered by some unseen figure. I have consulted the usual sources and it seems there may be a way to meet my maker, so to speak.

So I may have to make my way to Scotland soon for reasons I am not at liberty to divulge at this moment.

I captured the very essence of my current malaise recently with my spectramera at a soiree on the planet Earth… If this is you, then please contact me immediately as I have information you may like…

I do so love the thrill of the Hunt, that said… I’m pretty confident I’m not the only one on the prowl and I hate to admit it, but I can’t help feeling like I’ve sprouted a bushy tail… (still… at least this time it’s only a feeling)

Your Friend,

Othniel Cope